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Mira Osterversnik
Selniska c. 30
2342 Ruse

Darko Osterversnik
Selniska c. 30
2342 Ruse

At first you need to get to Slovenia - it's a small country of 2 mio. people located in between Austria, Italy and Croatia. If you came here by plane you most probably landed near Ljubljana on an airport Brnik. Our workshop is located in village Ruse (Selniska c. 30 - marked with red target) 12km from Maribor - the second largest city in Slovenia. At first you need to follow direction Maribor - no matter where you come from.
In case you're comming from direction Dravograd you will see a sign for Ruse after the village Selnica and that's where you need to turn right. After a while you will cross the river Drava and you will get to the sharp left turn uphill. When you get to the top you will immediatelly see the railway station to your right. A few houses forward on your left you will see our premises with a wide asphalt road towards the house and a parking space in front.
If you're comming from Austria, Ljubljana or from Italy you first need to follow direction Maribor. When you get to Maribor follow direction Dravograd. Depending on which side of the river Drava you are you will se a sign for village Ruse or a sign directing you to the left for Ruse. In case you came to Ruse through Limbus, Bistrica ob Dravi, Bezena you will see a sign for the start of village Ruse and a PETROL station on your right-hand side across the crossing. Turn right here! Drive straight toward Tovarna dusika Ruse and when you cross the railway turn to your left. You need to drive for around 600m and you will come to the next crossing. Here just drive ahead (watch for cars from the left) and you will see our house on your right after app. 100 meters. In case you get lost just ask someone about Osterversnik or Selniska cesta and they will know.

3 - Tovarna dusika Ruse
4 - railway station